Pictures of the Trip to the Setrid cabin 2001 (highland of Iceland)

In March 2001 some of the 4x4mountainsport people went on a trip to the middle of Iceland to a nice cabin owned by the 4x4 club of Iceland. We started from Reykjavik through Thingvellir (meeting point of the worlds first parliament) to the Langjökull glacier. The Langjökull glacier is one of the 3 biggest glaciers in Iceland.

When we got closer to the glacier we had to lower the air pressure of our tires down to 2 psi to drive on the snow. Additionally we locked our differential lockers and entered the glacier. After this preparation driving on the glacier was very easy. We had 12 4x4 trucks in our group: 4 Isuzu Trooper, 2 Toyota Landcruiser, 5 Toyota HiLux, 1 Musso.

The trip was about 100 km off roading and it took us about 8 hours to drive. We have had beautiful weather, sunshine and temperatures down to -22 degrees celsius (Brrr...) We hope you enjoy the pictures we took.